A Cultural Escape

San Miguel de Allende is an enchanting, fairytale town nestled deep within the gorgeous mountainous highlands of Central Mexico. The region is commonly known as the heart of the country - el Corazón de México - and San Miguel exemplifies this perfectly. There’s a fresh, young energy here that  pours out of the place in a simple, welcoming, friendly happiness.


el Corazón de México.


In 2018, for the second year in a row, San Miguel was awarded the “World’s Best” city to visit by readers of Travel & Leisure magazine. Once you’re here, you’ll understand why. San Miguel is considered the best vacation destination simply because it offers everything you could ever dream of in an authentic travel experience.

The city was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 for its unique character and its anthropological importance in the overall history of Mexico’s indigenous and Spanish influences. San Miguel de Allende has a quaint 68-block historic center that features attractive Colonial-style architecture and some of the most impressive churches and religious buildings in Mexico.


San Miguel is easily explored by foot. Walking the city can be a fun and inspiring stroll through charming cobblestone streets, where wondrous sights and hidden gems can be discovered around every corner. The city’s rooftop terraces are the perfect place to catch the heavenly sunset views across San Miguel’s dramatic skyline.

San Miguel bursts brightly with those vivid splashes of color one imagines when dreaming about vibrant Mexico. Visually, it’s stunning. Joyous tones run through the streets of the city; lining the colorful buildings, featuring prominently in the food and handicraft markets, and pouring out of homes in the form of lovely plants and flowers.


San Miguel is one of those magical towns you find in special corners of Mexico that resonate with a healthy good vibe. The town draws artists and musicians from far and wide who bring the city to life with a fresh, improvisational energy. There’s always something interesting going on in San Miguel, which you’re always welcomed to join in and be a part of.

San Miguel de Allende is a unique destination which balances the desire for a cultural travel experience with the simplicity of modern convenience and comfort. It is a haven for foodies; the home to some of Mexico’s most celebrated chefs, and features an impressive array of restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.


The town managed to maintain the charm of its cultural heritage while modernizing to cater to an international audience. San Miguel first became a hotspot for American and Canadian artists in the 1950’s. Today, 20% of the population are expats, yet it hasn’t lost any of the authenticity that first put it on the traveler’s map.

Aparicio #4, Centro, San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato, 37700